Following the successful launch of Marpin’s new broadband Internet service, PiNG!net, in Roseau and Newtown, the Company has now expanded the service to the Canefield area.

Residents of Canefield, including Roger, Antrim and Imperial Road as well as customers and potential customers in Checkhall and Massacre now have the opportunity to experience the fastest personal broadband Internet packages on the island.  Available in 1.5MB, 2.5MB and 3.5MB, PiNG!net is blazing fast.

Marpin’s Public Relations Representative, Marie-Antoinette Mora, says, “We are very encouraged by the positive response to Marpin’s PiNG!net service.  We knew there was need for a reliable and affordable broadband Internet service on the island and PiNG!net has succeeded in filling that void.  The response has been tremendous and we are pleased to advise that our Internet service is now available in Canefield and its environs.”

The company is introducing the service on a phased basis.  “We are rolling PiNG!net out node by node so as to allow everyone to get the best service possible; we are getting it right the first time and every time.  Marpin’s mission is to provide quality broadband service to all of Dominica and we’re well on our way to doing this,” Ms. Mora adds.

PiNG!net is the first in a suite of services being launched by Marpin over the coming months to segment its product and service offerings; a service range that is new and exciting.