Roseau, Dominica, February 23rd 2010:  Marpin’s broadband Internet service, PiNG!net, is not only blazing fast but rollout of the service is moving at high speeds as well.

Earlier this month, the company expanded the service to Canefield and PiNG!net is now available in Goodwill and Loubiere.  The surrounding areas in Goodwill include Federation Drive, St. Aroment, Stock Farm, Gutter and Tarish Pit.  In the Loubiere area, PiNG!net has also been switched on in Madrelle, Everton Estate, Leopoldville and Fond Baron.

Marie-Antoinette Mora, Marpin’s Public Relations Representative, says the Company has listened to calls from customers and other residents for a dependable Internet service and is moving rapidly to satisfy the demand.

“We are moving quickly to fulfill the needs of residents.  They have been clamouring for a simpler, more reliable and more affordable Internet service and we have answered their call with PiNG!net.  It’s more reliable because it’s real broadband, more affordable because the broadband cable modem is provided absolutely free of charge and you don’t have monthly line rentals to worry about and simpler because the connection is quick and there are no contracts hanging over your head,” says Ms. Mora.

Among the many satisfied customers who have signed on to the service since its launch last November is Evangelist Curtis Abraham of Canefield.

Mr. Abraham says “the service is quite excellent.  I have had no problems, no difficulties at all.  I want to advise everybody to become a Marpin Internet customer; they won’t be disappointed.”  Meanwhile, Cheryl Ryner of Roseau praised the service, “PiNG!net is great.  It’s fast and reliable.  I’m telling everybody to try it; it’s good.  I’ve suggested it to my friends and they can’t wait for it to come to their area.  It is far superior.  I have no regrets trying PiNG!net.”

PiNG!net, which is powered by Marpin, boasts the fastest personal broadband packages on the island with speeds of 1.5MB, 2.5MB and 3.5MB.  In addition to Goodwill, Loubiere and the neighbouring communities, the service is available in Roseau, Bath Estate, Elmshall, Pottersville, Silver Lake, Newtown, Fatima, Fortune, Kingshill, Melville Battery, Morne Bruce, Canefield, Imperial Road, Roger, Antrim, Checkhall and Massacre.

PiNG! is the brand name for the suite of services being launched by Marpin to segment its product and service offerings; a service range that is new and exciting.  PiNG!net is the first offering under the PiNG! brand.