Patron at Jazz 'n Creole 2015. Photo by Zaimis Olmos

Patron at Jazz ‘n Creole 2015. Photo by Zaimis Olmos

While admitting that “things are difficult,” Director of Tourism Colin Piper, is urging property and business owners in the north of the island to take more ownership of the annual Jazz ‘n Creole event.

The event which took place on Sunday 24th May 2015, is held every year in the picturesque Cabrits National Park, located a short distance from Dominica’s second town, Portsmouth.

Piper said all business and property owners were approached to be partners in Jazz n Creole but the response was lacklustre and all major sponsors were from Roseau.

“We know things are difficult but here’s an opportunity right in your backyard to give a little something back and we would certainly welcome some of the businesses in the Portsmouth area to come on board,” Piper told Dominica News Online on Wednesday.

He noted that businesses and properties in Portsmouth are utilized when the event is held.

“We continue to utilize the people and businesses of Portsmouth and one of the areas that we would like to make a significant cry out to is the businesses of Portsmouth,” he stated. “People need to come on board and support the event because there are a number of people who stay over in Portsmouth and so it is a major economic activity…”

Piper stated that not a single sponsor for Jazz ‘n Creole 2015 came from Portsmouth.

“If we have to look at the partners and sponsors, we have we do not have any properties and businesses from Portsmouth who are headline sponsors or main sponsors, they are still primarily from the Roseau area,” he said. “So we want to make sure that the businesses in Portsmouth really take ownership of this event and drive it.”

Meanwhile, he is reporting that “from a logistical standpoint” the event appears to be a success based on patrons’ response of it.

“Logistically, we did not run into any major issues that severely impacted the show and we think from a patron’s perspective they came to see something and they saw it and everything went smoothly down to what they saw on stage,” he remarked. “I think most patrons were able to get food and drinks in a timely manner.”

Piper said by mid-week next week they will be able to have all the figures of the exact amount of patrons who attended the event.

He said Digicel also had for the first time a VIP booth something, he said, was welcomed by patrons, however in the areas of lighting and having the park ready for visitors the following day are some things that need to be worked on.

Michele Henderson, Barbadian Aturo Tappin, Ronald Tulle and Ralph Thamar of Martinique were among headline acts for the event.