Skerrit said the budget will not be political

Skerrit said the budget will not be political

Prime minister, Roosevelt Skerrit, is vowing that the upcoming national budget is not going to be political but will be based on the “prudent and responsible approach” to managing the nation’s finances.

In an interview with state-owned DBS Radio, Skerrit said the island is in an election years and some “people believe that we will be presenting an election budget.”

“I can say to the Dominican people that we will not going to be presenting an election budget,” he said. “We will continue to maintain the prudent and responsible approach to the preparation ofthe budget and the management of the finances of the people of Dominica.”

According to the prime minister, there are “elements within the opposition who would want to do otherwise.”

“But this is why the Labour Party is in government and that is why they are in opposition because I do not believe that they have been taking the responsible approach towards the intention and of course the management of the country,” he stated.

He noted that a number of “critical measures” will be looked at in the budget including the tax system, relief for pensioners and the tourism sector.

He stated that Dominica has been through some “turbulent time” and it took the Labour Party to rescue the country and in the process “losing two prime ministers.”

“So while we we will be responding to the needs and concerns and expressions and requests of the various groups in society, we also must be mindful of the need for us as a government, as a people to be exceptionally responsible,” Skerrit stated. “Because as the minister of finance of this country, I am not prepared to throw away or to dilute the sacrifices of the Dominican people over the last ten years for any short term political gain.”

The national budget will be presented in parliament on Wednesday.

The opposition United Workers Party (UWP) has said it will be presenting its own budget on Tuesday in an effort to make Dominicans aware of the party’s plans for the Dominican economy.