Coconut oil produced in Dominica by entrepreneur Anthea George under the label “Cape Tranto”

Director of Trade, Matthan J. Walter, has revealed that in discussions with bilateral partners, a large demand for coconut oil has been discovered; however, there are constraints in terms of productivity in Dominica.

In a statement made at a stakeholder’s conference on Wednesday, May 3rd 2017 at the Garraway Hotel, Walter said that in the idea of producing coconut oil and products for export, there is the case of “supply-side constraints” that may cause a few bumps’ in the road.

“We suffer from what is called supply-side constraints, in being able to fulfill that demand,” he said.

According to him, constraints in production generally, prevent the sector from meeting the demands of the markets.

“Where this product (coconut oil and products) is particularly concerned, I have been told from reasonably good sources, that some producers take up to six months to be able to make available the product on request. This cannot be good, since, like time, markets wait for no one,” Walter stated.

He suggested that these producers should not “bite off more than they can chew” in terms of going above means to meet quotas.

“I am saying that this is one constraint, and I am coming to other constraints. It is very important to prudently plan ahead so that you can consistently fulfill your orders,” he remarked.

The Believers Multi- Purpose Cooperative Society Ltd. hosted the conference in order to discuss ideas and strategies for the development of the Coconut Oil Industry through cooperatives.

The Society is in the process of enhancing and increasing commercial activities to make a significant contribution to Dominica’s Gross Domestic Product (GD