Motorists trying to save a little money this holiday season may find some welcome relief as the price of gas has gone down.

According to trade officer in the ministry of trade, Ronnie Guiste, the price of gasoline has dropped to 6.6 percent below the previous price of $15.34 cents.

Guiste said the new prices took effect last Friday.

“The price of gasoline has been reduced to $14.33 a gallon which is roughly $1.01 or 6.6 percent below the previous price of $15.34. The price of diesel has also gone down; it is now $14.35 a gallon, dropping $0.24 cents or 1.6 percent from the previous price of $14.59 and for Kerosene there was a decrease of $ 0.34 cents or 2.6 percent drop – the price is now $12.79,” he explained.

However, Guiste pointed out that there has been a slight increase in the price for cooking gas (LPG).

“A 20 lb cylinder is now $33.49 and the 100 lb is $162.44 and ofcourse the price would vary in the different communities,” he said.

Guiste also pointed out that gas prices on the island continue to be influenced by the price of oil on the international market.