scamLocal telecommunication company, Digicel, is warning of a scam which appears to be targeting it customers.

Over the past few days customers have reported receiving a text message which says that their mobile number has won a prize of $2.5-million and they should respond by email to to claim the prize.

But marketing manager of Digicel, Natalie Walsh, said the message is not coming from the company. “That message is not coming from Digicel,” she stated. We have no contact with these customers in terms of a promotion …. so persons who have been receiving text messages and calls can call our customer care department to report the numbers so we can block these numbers as quickly as possible.”

She stated that Digicel has been recieving ‘quite a few calls’ on the matter in recent days. “We have been able to block some of those numbers but these people (the scammers) are changing the numbers,” she explained.

Walsh encouraged customers to never return calls to the number from which the text originates but instead, they must call Digicel’s customer service number at 616-1500.

“We apologize for the inconvenience caused, this is not coming from Digicel and we will do our best to block these numbers,” she said.