A LIAT aircraft

A LIAT aircraft, not the actual one involved in the incident

Regional airline, LIAT,  is reporting a wheel failure on one of its aircraft on Monday morning.

The airline, in a release, said flight LI 774 was traveling from Guyana to Barbados with 43 passengers on board on Monday when the main wheel failure occurred on take off.

The aircraft continued to the Grantley Adams International Airport where, as a precautionary measure, emergency services were on standby. The landing was uneventful and the passengers disembarked at the gate in Barbados.

The aircraft is being examined by the company’s maintenance department and will undergo the various checks stipulated by the manufacturer before it is returned to service, according to the LIAT.

The airline did not say when the aircraft will be returned to service.

LIAT has been under pressure lately following weeks of long and inordinate delays as well as cancellations