winairFollowing their temporary service to Canefield, Dominica with their Twin Otters, WINAIR received a great amount of positive response for this service.

In contrast to Douglas Charles Airport (DOM), Canefield is but 5 minutes away from the centre of capital Roseau.

WINAIR and its customers have recognized the convenience for those who traveling to Dominica’s capital Roseau, and therefore, will offer scheduled service to Canefield (DCF) 3 times weekly commencing January 7, 2016.

Michael Cleaver, president and CEO of WINAIR stated: “If ever we have received feedback from our customers, it is on this service. Many customers have called us to request St. Maarten – Canefield – St. Maarten service, as well as our handlers in Dominica, Whitchurch Travel received requests to reinstate this service.”

Combined with the scheduled ATR service to Douglas Charles airport WINAIR continues to offer daily service to Dominica!

Schedule as of January 7, 2016:

winair schedule canefield