wikibuliYou could call them the newest, but independent, kid on the block when it comes to the Internet and communications sector.

Wikibuli Communications Inc. (WCI) is an internet providing company that utilizes “proven next-generation technologies” providing a wide range of wireless communications services over broadband, and a variety of value-added services, in Dominica.

The company, located on Cork Street, was established four years ago, in 2011.

But what makes it stand out?

“The main difference is that we are completely wireless. The second is that we do speed magic, our download speed is upload speed and our prices are completely lower,” Head of Business Solutions and Sales Curwin Breedy told Dominica News Online (DNO).

He said WCI does not share equipment with any other provider on the island and it’s completely wireless. Services include television, high-speed broadband, telephone and mobile WiFi services, which are available to residential, business, government and wholesale customers.

Right now, Wikibuli offers customers broadband internet in bundles, and they can select services based on their individual requirements, from the entry-level 2 Mbps package up to the superfast 8 Mbps package.

Most importantly, the company offers unlimited downloads.

“Wikibuli doesn’t cap your data usage, ever,” the company said.

Over the next few months, their customers will be able to experience some of the cutting-edge innovation that Wikibuli plans to bring to the market such as better television offerings, thanks to “significant investments in the service.”

Presently, the company covers 20 percent of the island, but is aiming for the full one hundred per cent soon.

“So far, we have been getting an overwhelmingly positive response,” Breedy said.

The company is also making a promise that if its service is not working for a customer, it won’t be installed.

“We want every customer to be thrilled with their services, and we strive every day to make sure we meet and exceed their expectations. Wiki works. And it can work for you,” Breedy stated.

Wikibuli currently has 12 staff members and the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is Sean Partington.

More info here: WIKIBULI