Samuel is a returning Dominican and entrepreneur

Samuel is a returning Dominican and entrepreneur

After many years abroad pursuing an education in computer science, Oudin Samuel has returned to Dominica and is promising an easy-to-use platform for website building called, Caribonix, which the 28-year-old established in 2010.

Samuel explains that Caribonix is global service that provides a curated community of expert designers to help less-tech-savvy people create professional and mobile-friendly websites, blogs and online stores.

“The platform will enable businesses to quickly and easily create and manage new mobile-friendly websites at a significantly lower cost than going through a professional designer and with far less hassle than a traditional do-it-yourself “DIY” website builders,” he stated in a release. “Currently utilized by local businesses across the USA and in numerous Caribbean countries, Caribonix dramatically simplifies the process of building and managing hundreds of mobile-friendly websites. The platform provides an easy-to-use content management system (CMS) for a wide variety of applications across all industries including: entertainment, technology, hospitality, professional services, education and retail.”

“We realized that building websites can be very expensive and it’s often difficult to find a reliable and skilled website developer. It’s been hard for those who aren’t tech-savvy to create professional sites on their own using the free do-it-yourself (DIY) website builders that are out there,” Samuel said. “Caribonix is the real deal: we took the best in consumer CMS, added management features and brought together expert designers – all on a friendly, easy-to-use platform.”

He said businesses across the world are recognizing the advantages offered by Caribonix and the platform is used by non-profits, e-commerce online sellers and a wide variety of marketing agencies to deliver sites faster and at a lower cost to their clients and partners.

“A popular association representing journalists, media workers and media associations spanning the Caribbean basin is already using Caribonix to share, update content and accept membership payments online. Independent entrepreneurs and professionals are also using Caribonix for an edge on the competition: Trinidad & Tobago’s top makeup artist uses Caribonix to quickly showcase her latest work and promote her services,” the release said.

Benefits to using the platform include a curated community of expert designers, robust site creation and editing, easy, powerful content management and hassle-free hosting.

Caribonix is now available to Dominican business owners and offers site building service, scalable to organizations of all sizes. To find out more or get started building a mobile-friendly website, visit