Daniel Carbon

Dominica’s police Chief Daniel Carbon has exhorted talk show hosts to control their programmes while at the same time conceding that he is unable to regulate the behaviour of a senior police officer who regularly calls the talk shows.

Carbon recently expressed concern about the comments emanating from the talk shows on the island and believes they need to be regulated.

“I have been following the talk shows on the island and I can tell you and I have no fear in saying that, that I record each and every talk show. I just would like to put a word of caution that as a media person you must be responsible,” Carbon said.

He further admonished media people not to use their profession “to destroy your country or defame people and or incite violence.”

“The media person must control his programme… I am not saying that we must suppress free speech but control your programme. If it means we have to invoke the law and control the radio programme, so be it. As media people you must be responsible and ought not to use your profession to destroy people,” he stated.

However, when questioned about a Superintendent of Police who is a regular caller who defends the government on the talk shows, Carbon said he has spoken to the officer about his behavior, which is against police regulations, but he “can’t regulate human behavior.”

“I have heard people express their concerns about it (the Superintendent calling the talk shows and expressing his views) and I have addressed it. You can’t regulate human behavior. My officers have to look deep within themselves and they respect what is right and reject what is wrong…I will say no more on that,” Carbon stated.