Dr. Thomson Fontaine

A second term for Barack Obama as President of the United States of America will result in greater US support for the Caribbean, especially Cuba.

That’s the view of Washington-based economist, Dominican, Dr. Thomson Fontaine.

Dr. Fontaine spoke with Q95’s “Hot Seat” host, Matt Peltier, earlier today, shortly after Americans started casting their votes in what is being described as an extremely close contest between Democratic President Obama and Republican challenger, Mitt Romney.

Fontaine was talking against the back ground of significantly reduced interest in, and assistance to the Caribbean during the past several years including President Obama’s first term.

“The Caribbean is no longer as critical as it was during the time of Reagan, during the time of the Cold War so that (lack of) support mirrors that fact the importance of the Caribbean as a strategic partner is just not there,” says Fontaine who was for many years, an IMF economist based in Washington.

He says the fact that there’s no longer the need, for example, to have a counter balance to Cuba, has contributed to the diminishing of that support from the US.

“More can be done and my sense is that a second-term Obama will see a lot more of that, a lot more support, a lot more support for Cuba, for example. Barack Obama has been very cautious in the way he approaches Cuba because it’s a hot potato item but I can guarantee you that if he wins, when he wins that election, Like I said, just looking at the electoral map which is what decides this election, there’s no way he’s not going to win this.” Fontaine stated.