CariMAN joins in solidarity with all women and girls in observance of International Women’s Day on March 8.. We support all the work being done on behalf of our girls and women so as to ensure their safety, education, protection and well-being.

CariMAN is asking its membership and all men and boys to support the call from the Bureau of Gender Affairs and others to wear something with the colour purple so as to demonstrate solidarity with our girls and women.

However, while CariMAN applauds all the girls and women who are successful and express their freedom , we as an all-male Organization laments the numerous and unending atrocities being meted out by unscrupulous men and boys to our women and girls, particularly the vulnerable and unprotected ones.

We are asking men and women who are abusing our girls and women to think seriously about the pain, shame and hurt that they are causing and the emotional and psychological scars that will live with the abused ever after.

We must realize and acknowledge that money and power are not all: money, power and friendship should never be allowed to be used as a weapon to abuse others andto keep them quiet; The Court of Law must be allowed to do its duty and bring to justice, without fear or favour, all those who are sexually or physically abusing our girls and women.

It is extremely sad and embarrassing to see how our girls and women are badly treated by unscrupulous men, some or most of these predators have children, sisters, mothers and aunts.

At this time CariMAN reserves its commentary on the present ongoing saga of alleged child sexual abuse as we respect the law and anticipate that it will take its course by investigating and serving justice.

CariMAN is asking everyone who are expressing support to our girls and women to do so without speculation, do not engage in activities that will hinder justice, and let us not attempt to do it for our own gratification.

CariMAN wishes all women and girls a blessed and fruitful International Women’s Day, free from all abuse and we encourage them to stand up and talk for their rights and freedom and demand respect.