A scene from the opening of Carnival 2013 in Portsmouth

Carnival 2019 activities in Dominica continue to expand as two more villages prepare to launch their Mas Domnik celebrations this weekend.
The Dominica Festivals Committee (DFC) on Wednesday presented cheques to carnival organizers in Mahaut and Portsmouth to assist with the festivities in those communities.
The opening ceremony of this year’s carnival in Mahaut will be held on Saturday and member of the Mahaut Carnival Committee, Shirvon Baron invited everyone to come and celebrate what he said will be another grand experience.
“We will have a very lovely, packed parade. We will start at 3 pm at the Credit Union and go towards the Zaman park where we will have a lovely ceremony and then we will have an after party by the Young Bouyon Generation as well as the Triple-Kay Band, calypsonians, soca artistes and lots more,” he said
Baron added that after the opening, there will be a warm-up leading up to carnival and the festivities will culminate with a paint and powder T-shirt band on Carnival Tuesday for only $50.
He thanked parliamentary representative Rayburn Blackmoore for his contribution to the event.
Chairperson of the Portsmouth festival committee, Rita Alcid said Portsmouth always has a vibrant carnival every year and she hopes that this year will be better than previous years.
“We have our own calendar of events. We have the opening on Sunday 10th of February. We’ll have Triple-Kay plus a few sound systems with a float. As you know, we have a few representatives taking part in the national competition in Roseau so we’ll have them on the floats. We’ll have a few Sensay groups and some businesses who will be advertising their company in a T-shirt band,” she said.
Carnival activities in Portsmouth will continue the 5th of March.
“On the 15th [February] were going to have a clash of bands which will showcase Signal Band and True Ridim and Danger Band from Portsmouth. On the 17th we’ll have a carnival beach lime and will showcase a Sensay display and Karifuna group from the Carib [Kalinago] Territory for the tourists,” Alcid added. “The idea is to get the tourists involved in our carnival activities and experience our culture.”

She said Stardom Tent will be a feature of a “Lagoon Lime” on February the 22nd, with a few calypsonians and on the 24th, were introducing a new event which we call the T-shirt street jump up where we invite companies to advertise their products and to give their staff a chance to free up where Signal Band would be the band of the day.”