Jyvon Samuel receiving first prize from PC Karian Quimert of York Regional Police.

The Commonwealth of Dominica Ontario Association (CDOA) was awarded the first place for most interactive booth at York Regional Police Annual Multicultural Christmas in the Village, Sunday December 1, 2012. Second place went to B’nai Brith.

The CDOA booth was decorated with portraits of Dominica, courtesy artist, Patrick Lander and a varied collection of arts and crafts from the Kalinago Territory along with an assortment of Dive & Hike Dominica brochures provided by  Discover Dominica Authority.

A release from the CDOA states, “We were delighted to share the splendour of Dominica with the continuous flow of persons who came to our booth and an informal poll suggested that significantly more people are now aware of the island of the Commonwealth of Dominica, not to be confused with any other.”

The association also expresses delight “to share stories with the many persons who recently visited Dominica, including YRP Chief Eric Joliffe who visited Dominica last year on a cruise and had only great things to say of the island.”

It says the day was complete with Bello jam and guava cheese tasting for the guests.