SMP students and teacher donating supplies to Chances

SMP students and teacher donating supplies to Chances

We’ve all heard of the saying, people helping people, but, children helping children, is perhaps a more apt way to describe a recent effort by some students of the St. Mary’s Primary (SMP) to help some less fortunate children.

The SMP students and their teacher, Angela Augustine- Pollock, on Friday, made a donation to CHANCES, a place for children at risk.

The donation, which included reading books and school supplies, among other items, was handed over to a representative of the institution at the CHANCES building in Jimmit.

Mrs. Augustine-Pollock said the items were bought with the proceeds from a sale of candies held at the school as a part of a teaching unit on “money” where the students learnt to sell and give change.

“It was our lesson on money, so we made a real candy shop with things. I used my own money to buy,” she said. “Then they sold it to the school students and (with) the money we made from the sale, we decided to donate things to CHANCES.”

“I wanted to instill in them about assisting….. ” she stated and added that the activity was “very beneficial” to the students, “as they learnt about giving to the less fortunate.”

According to Augustine-Pollock, the activity had a successful and positive impact on the students.

“This event was one of moulding their character and as long as I am still in the teaching service, I will continues these activities,” she stated.

She thanked Manager of Jays Bookstore, John Lewis, for his assistance.

CHANCES opened its doors in Jimmit on April 13, 2011.

Since its opening, over 120 children and young persons have benefited  from the services offered by the institution.