CommentaryIn conversation with persons from time to time, they ask about “Speaking in tongues.” In essence they ask:  Is the speaking in tongues done today really from God, as was the case with the Early Christians? Acts chapter 2 records this subject.

When Holy Spirit filled the apostles and disciples on the day of Pentecost, they were given the miraculous gift of “speaking in tongues,” that is, being able to speak other languages as Acts 2: 4, 6 show. A listener was able to hear his own language and thus understand the message of God. Acts 2: 6 – 11. Yes, speaking in tongues served to edify or educate others, especially unbelievers. 1 Corinthians 14: 22, 26. It was not done for show. 

People, including church members, rightly question speaking in tongues today. Why? Unlike the listeners mentioned in Acts 2, people today do not understand what is said by those who claim to speak in tongues. The Early Christians speaking in tongues served a useful purpose as persons speaking different languages understood the good news in their respective languages and could accept the good news. What sense does it make to speak a foreign language to an audience that speaks English as is done today? Do they even speak a foreign language? Who understands?  1

Corinthians 13: 8 indicate to us that speaking in tongues was to be done away with, cease, after the apostles’ death. Statistics reveal that the gospel of God’s Kingdom is being preached globally in hundreds of languages today, by word of mouth, printed materials etc, and is supported by God’s Holy Spirit. Matthew 24: 14; Acts 1: 8. But it is not done through miraculous speaking in tongues today. Can religious leaders please enlighten their members on this topic? 

With Sincere Concern!

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