A Marigot man was ordered to pay $800 or spend five months in prison for carrying a cutlass in Roseau.

Alley Jno Baptiste, 41, pleaded guilty to the charge of possession of an offensive weapon before Magistrate Evalina Baptiste at the Roseau Magistrate Court this morning.

According to the facts of the case, Baptiste was standing outside Whitchurch Supermarket dressed in military fatigues when police observed an object under his shirt.  They proceeded to search the suspect and found a black cutlass hanging from his waist.

“Garden I going in Concord,” the defendant told police when questioned.  Later at the Roseau Police Headquarters the suspect said, “I just come out and help my partner peel coconut.”

Before handing down the sentence, Magistrate Baptiste heard from the defendant who said, “I am very sorry deeply in my heart. I will not do it again.”

The defendant is known to authorities and has been charged in the past for wounding and malicious damage.