Edward "Alcapone" Green

Edward “Alcapone” Green. Photo credit The Sun newspaper

Edward “Alcapone” Green will have to wait a little longer to know his fate in the murder of Damien Dorival after his sentencing was postponed on Friday morning.

Green was to be sentenced today but the court has been adjourned until the opening of the September Criminal Assizes on the 17th of September.

Green was found guilty of the crime on July 17 by a nine-member jury.

State prosecutor, Keith Scotland, had described the verdict as “true…in keeping with the evidence.”

When the verdict was given one of Green’s attorney, Peter Alleyne, described the entire matter as a ‘tragedy.’

“There are not victors here,” he remarked.

He said he will give a full statement on the case itself after sentencing.

Dorival was murdered in 2008.

According to court reports, he was shot and beheaded.

His body was found on Elmshall Road while his head was found in the Palm Grove River.

The matter was presided over by Justice Bernie Stephenson.