Iam Massicot

A man who was shot by the police during a daring daylight robbery at the Marigot Credit Union got bail and walked away from a Roseau court on Monday.

Iam Massicot was on remand at the Dominican State Prison for his role in the crime.

He also spent time as a patient at the Princess Margaret Hospital suffering from a gun shot wound he reportedly suffered during a shootout with the police during the robbery which occurred on March 9, 2012.

Bail was set at $250,000.

As condition of bail Massicot is to report to the Portsmouth Police Station daily, stay away from prosecution witnesses and inform the authorities of any change in address.

Preliminary inquiry into the matter is set to begin at the Marigot Magistrate Court on September 12.

Massicot, along with alleged co-conspirators Mitchel Joseph, Jamie Andrew, Prinston George and Michel Azille, have been charged with attempted murder of Corporal Boycott Yankey, attempted murder of Inspector Oliver Frederick, attempted murder of Corporal Hans Francis, aggravated burglary with the use of firearms on the Marigot Credit Union, conspiracy to possess 9 rounds of 9-mm ammunition, conspiracy to possess one 28” gauge shot gun with intent to endanger lives, conspiracy to possess one sub-machine gun magazine with intent to endanger life, and robbery of $36, 851.45 from the Marigot Credit Union.

Neither the money nor the firearms used in the alleged crime have been recovered by the police.