Court gavelAttorney David Bruney apparently lost his temper in the Roseau Magistrate Court on Monday when an application to travel for employment purposes for a former captain of the National Football Team was first objected to by the prosecution and then denied by magistrate Bernard Pacquette.

Kenrick “Solkar” Emanuel was shot by the police in 2010 and later arrested on alleged drug possession and as part of his bail conditions, he was required to surrender all travel documents.

In court, Bruney applied to have the bail conditions varied, noting that Emanuel was offered an attractive job position in Anguilla beginning on January 6, 2014.

The lawyer also presented a signed letter to the court sent to Emmanuel via email about the job.

Emanuel was questioned and under oath, he informed the court that he would be working with the company and would be able to care for his wife and two children; one of whom, is an adult and the other, a 13-year-old.

He said he is unable to care for them since he is presently unemployed.

Bruney stated that if his client’s application was granted, Emanuel will make himself available for court ‘way in advance’ when the matter is called.

But the submission did not go down well with the prosecution headed by Inspector Michael Laudat, who objected, saying that the letter must be validated and must be accompanied by a work permit before an informed decision could be made on the matter.

“We have no problems in assisting and getting his bail conditions varied, however we have to be sure that the letter is authentic and since we cannot yet verify that we are opposed to that application,” Laudat told the court

He also argued that Emanuel’s bail conditions indicated that he must surrender all travel documents.

But in a very emotional plea, Bruney described Laudat’s objection as “absurd, petty, inhumane and ridiculous.”

“We need to be our brother’s keeper, I am ashamed at Mr. Laudat, I am very… and I take that personal, this man is seeking to get employment to feed his family and is being denied and while people will be having ham for Christmas with their family, he won’t because he has no money,” Bruney said.

Burney’s outburst prompted Laudat to call on the court for protection.

Commenting on the matter, magistrate Pacquette told Bruney that the prosecution had their work to do and while he understands his concerns and the plight of his client, the court must be satisfied that all is in order before granting that bail variation and since that was not so, he will deny that request.

The magistrate then told Bruney that he had never seen him lose his temper, to which the lawyer replied, “it’s a season of goodwill … sometimes things have to be personal”.

He promised to get the necessary documents and return at a later date.

Emanuel is an artistic painter and soccer coach and lives on Bath Road.

He represented Dominica for 15 years on the national team and was captain for six years.

He won several awards during his football career.