courtLawyers for four police officers charged in connection with the death of Joshua Etienne of Portsmouth are presently applying for bail at the high court.

The officers, Orlan Vigille, Delvin Challenger, Martin Seaman, and Gemma Louis, have been on remand at the Stock Farm prison for two weeks now since the charge of murder was read to them.

The State led by Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), Evelina Baptiste, has strongly opposed to bail before and said the opposition will continue.

Attorneys for the officers,  Zena Moore Dyer and Gina Dyer Munro, from the law chambers of Dyer & Dyer, have been busy filing affidavits in support of their bail application.

They had requested that the prosecution make available to them documents the state has so far in the case.

That request was granted by the court.

Just over a week ago, Hayden Morgan, another police officer who was first charged with murder was granted bail after the DPP reduced the charge to Manslaughter.

The matter is now being heard in Chambers before Justice Errol Thomas.

Etienne was found dead in police cells in Portsmouth on July 2014, one day after he was arrested for alleged ammunition possession.

An autopsy on his body revealed serious injuries including several broken bones and a punctured organ, among others.