Randolph Gustave makes a sign after leaving court

Two men have been charged with murder in relation to a shooting incident in Eggleston on July 5, which left another man dead.

Brothers, Jeremy Gustave and Randolph Gustave, appeared in court on Monday, July 17, where the charges were read to them.

They did not enter a plea since the matter is an indictable one.

After the court hearing, Jeremy was sent to the hospital for medical attention as requested by his lawyer, Kondwani Williams and ordered by Magistrate Allie Gill.

The matter was adjourned until August 14.

The men are charged with the murder of Glen Alphonse who died at the Princess Margaret Hospital from a gunshot wound to the chest.

He was on a bus in Eggleston when he was allegedly shot by the two men.

They subsequently surrendered to the police on Thursday, July 13.