Checko was sued for libel

Checko was sued for libel

Calypsonians have no special protections under the laws of Dominica and they must be careful when constructing lyrics, attorney Duncan Stowe has said.

“It is important to note that to date calypsonians, they have not special rights or priviledges under the law,” he told a discussion organized by the Dominica Calypso Association on Thursday night.

Recently the court ordered calypsonian Checko to pay $130,000 after he failed to file a defense in a libel lawsuit brought by Dr. Philbert Aaron.

In 2011 Checko, whose real name is Abel Jno Baptiste had penned a song, ‘Bug Her,’ which Aaron claimed was defamatory to him.

Stowe said during Thursday night’s discussion that calypsonians can find ways to circumvent the law through clever, creative and effective use of language.

“That is the only way,” he noted.

He urged calypsonians to consult people with knowledge of English with their ideas since the use of language is critical.

“So go to an English, go to a Literature teacher with your ideas and ensure you are sufficiently creative,” he stated.

Stowe said over the years there have been many calypsonians who have proved time and time again that the use of language is important.

“You have to find creative ways to do it,” he said.