courtTwo squatters have already been taken to court and more will face similar fates this Friday as government continues efforts to rid Canefield East of those who those who have illegally taken possession of state land.

“Two people were taken to court,” chief physical planner, Kelvin Rolle told DNO. “Now if they do not demolish the buildings, then lands and Surveys Division can demolish the buildings.”

He said more will be taken to court before the end of the week.

“I know some other people will be taken to court on Friday,” he said.

In recent times, the Canefield East area has been the target of numerous squatters, posing a problem to law enforcement officials and the Government.

Notices of Compliance were served to all to demolish buildings that they have constructed on the land.

Allegations are swirling that the squatters were given permission to settle there by a minister of government.

But Rolle pointed out that there is no evidence to back up the allegations.

“There is no minister that has come out and say that he is sending anybody up there and we have heard statements from the Prime Minister and the Minister of Land,” he stated.