Astaphan has invested $65,000 in the venture

Astaphan has invested $65,000 in the venture

The police will have increased eyes on the carnival route in Roseau this year with the installation of CCTV, thanks to businessman Khimo Astaphan.

Astaphan, who has been batting for CCTV some time now, put his money where his mouth is and invested EC$ 65,000 in the venture.

He told DNO that he hopes that the carnival venture will serve as a test and he hopes the relevant authorities will see the need for increased camera surveillance in the country.

“Once I have finished installing the cameras and trained the police, we will hand it over to them for them to handle through-out the weekend and next week,” he said.

He noted that his company, Platinum Security, will be covering the majority of the cost which includes paying the technicians to install the cameras, paying the VAT and purchasing the cameras, which he said cost about $5,000 each.

He said 11 to 12 cameras will be installed on the carnival route.

Astaphan said the benefit to having CCTV during carnival is endless but lamented the fact the some business places flatly refused to give his company permission to have the cameras installed on their buildings.

He explained the cameras have “light find technology” which it picks up light in dark places from anywhere (flashlight, or lamp pole) and enhances the imagery.

“So the cameras will enhance the imagery of the city … also day and night capability, meaning during the day we will have crystal clear pictures and in environment that there is no lighting, it turns a black and white,” he said.

Astaphan noted that the cameras will installed in strategic locations along the carnival route and the police department will have “total control.”

“So we want the public to rest assured that they will not be in the hands of any private citizen, it will be in the hands of the Dominica Police Force and they will be putting together the very up-to-date, state-of-art, command center,” he said.

LIME will be providing internet so the cameras can be hooked up to the command center.

Inspector Claude Weekes, who also commented on the matter, said that the installation of CCTV will fulfill the police’s mandate and enhance security.