From left: Jianhu Wen, Yolong Xie, Yong Zhong

Three Chinese nationals who were accused of stealing EC$104,705.00 from the National Bank of Dominica (NBD) pleaded guilty to the offense when they appeared in court on Tuesday.

Their case was adjourned to January 13 where the facts are expected to read followed by sentencing.

Reports are that the men, Yulong Xie; Jianhui Wen and Yong Zhong, withdrew the money from an ATM belonging to NBD last year.

After their arrest, investigators in Jamaica contacted the Dominican police as they try to determine whether the men were part of an international fraud network operating in the region. 

When they appeared in court on July 25, 2016, they asked that the matter be “expedited” in order for them to return to China and complained of the condition at the Stock Farm prison.

Speaking through a court-appointed interpreter, Yulong Xie said, “sleep is not well in the prison, we need a speedy trial to go back home.”

At that same appearance last year, Jianhui Wen told the court that while they have committed a crime, they need the process to trial expedited and complained they are not getting food at the prison.

“Not enough food…my belly not full, lunch is okay but breakfast and dinner are the problem, I need to make contact with my family in China,” he said.

Yong Zhong shared the same sentiments but also complained of the space in his prison cell which he described as “small”.

“We have our human rights also even if we have committed an offense, we get only one hour recreation, I need to see a doctor because I am not well,” he said.

The men are represented by Wayne Norde and Bernadatte Lambert.