Forty-five year old Alvin Franklyn of Grand Bay was slapped with an EC$7,500.00 fine after he pleaded guilty to possession of Cocaine and possession with intent to supply the drug.

Franklyn was arrested by the police at the Grand Bay bus stop in Roseau on May 12, 2012 at about 11am with 28 grams of cocaine with an estimated street value of EC$1,800.00.

The drugs were found in his pocket by the police.

Franklyn was deported to Dominica from the United States in 1998 after serving a one year prison term.

He is also a repeat drugs offender.

His lawyer Joshua Francis asked the court not to impose a custodial sentence on him since he had not wasted the court’s time and pleaded guilty to the offence and the amount was “small.”

Chief Magistrate Evalina Baptiste fined him EC$2,500.00 for possession to be paid by August 31, 2012.

He goes to jail for six months if he fails to meet that deadline.

For possession with intent he was fined EC$5,000.00 to be paid by October 31, 2012, failing which he’ll serve 8 months jail time.