The illegal guns and drugs were seized in Silver Lake on Saturday

The illegal guns and drugs were seized in Silver Lake on Saturday

Minister of National Security, Rayburn Blackmoore, has reacted to the seizure of high powered guns and ammunition in the community of Silver Lake on the weekend saying Dominica is not Syria or Iraq.

He described the seizure as ‘a very serious matter’ noting that no one should have such weapons in their possession.

“Dominica is not Iraq, certainly Dominica is not Syria,” he said referring to the Middle Eastern nations which have been torn by years of war. “No one, therefore, should have in their possession such high calibre weapons.”

He added, “Let me say further the recovery by the police must be viewed as a very serious matter by all of us. Persons who possess illegal firearms have every intention of using them especially those involved in the illegal drug trade.”

On Saturday, the police seized one high-powered AK-47, an Uzi Submachine Gun, two 9-mm pistols, a number of assorted ammunition, cocaine and marijuana in a locked public convenience in Silver Lake.

Blackmoore praised law officials for “an exceptional piece of police work,” pointing out that the seizure is a reflection of “a cross-fertilization of crime.”

“Criminal who trade in illegal drugs also trade in illegal firearms,” he stated. “This is the greatest threat to our civilization and has to be confronted head on.”

He remarked that the police should not relent and should take all necessary action to rid the streets of Dominica of illegal drugs such as cocaine.

He noted that the majority of illegal firearms and drugs come into the island by sea and the government is currently considering the purchase of a vessel to intercept them.

“The government is seriously looking at procuring a modern high-tech patrol vessel to incept those thugs at sea,” he said.

Blackmoore wished the police success in investigating, finding and prosecuting those responsible for the seizure.