Police officers on parade in Dominica. File photo

Dominica will soon have an Assistant Commissioner of Police who will be responsible for crime prevention, crime reduction, crime intelligence and forensic management.

Minister for National Security Rayburn Blackmoore made that announcement in Parliament on Thursday night during the debate on the Police Amendment Act.

“Policing has become more complex and now greater demands in terms of manpower and technology are being placed on the police force,” he said. “The regional security system council of ministers recently approved a programme aimed at developing a common approach to policing in the Caribbean and in keeping with this programme many of the islands have restructured the police forces to make provision for the rank of assistant commissioner of police.

According to Blackmoore, Dominica is the only country without the rank of Assistant Commissioner of Police.

He noted it is noteworthy that in recent times a number of new units have been added to the Police Force in Dominica, all requiring direction and coordination at the senior level.

Some the units include the Tourism Protection Unit, the Task Force, and Major Crime Unit.

Blackmoore mentioned further that an Assistant Commissioner of Police, therefore, will provide strong support to the Chief of Police in these areas in advancing and developing the police force as a professional organization.

“The officer will be required to report directly to the Deputy Chief of Police and will have the responsibility of crime prevention, crime reduction, crime intelligence and forensic management,” he stated.