prison23-year-old Rico Kennedy Warner of Tarish Pit has been sentenced to eight months behind bars after he pleaded guilty to stealing four BlackBerry phones on Carnival Monday.

According to the facts given in court, Warner stole BlackBerry Curves belonging to Niomi George and Sheraline Valmond and a BlackBerry Bold belonging to Ezra George and another belonging to Albert Simon.

It is reported that the phones were stolen from their owners on four separate occasions, in backpacks and a waist band, while they were jumping up on Carnival Monday.

Warner admitted to the police that he stole the phone.

In mitigation his lawyer, Darius Jones, pleaded to the court for a “non custodial sentence” saying his client had “not wasted the courts time, demonstrated remorse and his actions were not violent.”

But Magistrates Candia George said she viewed his actions as “calculated.”

She sentenced him to two months jail on each count of theft to run consecutively.

Warner, in the meantime, told the court he was sorry. “I was under the influence of alcohol….it was not my intentions to steal,” he said.

His rap sheet shows he has previous convictions.