A friend of deceased Charlesworth Charles Jr gave her version of the events which occurred on 30th August when Jr, as he was known, lost his life.

Francine Sango appeared in court still shaken about the incident, and started crying as she walked state Attorney Athlene Nesty through the details of the morning.

“I passed Khadijah and Kelvin and I heard Jr say “what is that” I had almost reach in front of the house when I heard a noise then Khadijah started screaming”.

“I ran back to the road and I saw Jr lying on the ground and blood coming from his head,” she told the court.

The witness stated that she started screaming and took a shirt from a verandah and placed it on the deceased head in an effort to stop the bleeding.

During cross examination attorney Dawn Yearwood-Stuart questioned the witness about the validity of her story.

She attempted to highlight discrepancies in the witness’ statement to the police and her testimony in court Wednesday morning.

Yearwood-Stuart suggested that the witness was not telling the truth when she told the court that at the time of the incident she was employed at a doctor’s office, since she had previously told police that she was a student.

The case continues on Thursday.