A Grand Bay man posing as a fundraiser for his sick cousin is in trouble with the law.

Kevin Alfred, 36, appeared before Magistrate Ozzie Lewis at the Roseau Magistrate court Friday afternoon and pleaded guilty to the charge of theft.

During the proceeding, the complainant, Philomena Angol, 23, who is also from Grand Bay took to the stand.

The sick complainant explained to the court that she is currently seeking humanitarian assistance in the quest of raising $5,000 Euro needed for heart surgery in Martinique.

“He (Alfred) came to me, he told me he knows someone at Whitchurch that could collect the money on my behalf, so I gave him a sponsor sheet to give to her,” the complainant told the court. “People came to me, they tell me they gave him money for me, but when I asked him for the sponsor sheet he told me he tore it up.”

Acting on information from the complainant the police investigated the matter. When the defendant was found, searched and arrested in Grand Bay by authorities earlier this week,  he was found in possession $110. “People sponsor me,” he responded to police who inquired about the money found in the crotch of his pants.

The defendant also admitted that he made copies of the sponsor sheet he was given, after police found four additional sheets in a bag he was carrying at the time of his arrest. The original sponsor sheet was filled and another sheet was half filled with names and the amount sponsored totaled $388.50.

“Even in that, there is all kinds of fraud taking place,” Magistrate Lewis told the court as he shook his head. “You trying to further break her heart by stealing from her.”

The defendant was sentence to pay $ 1,000 forthwith or spend four months behind bars. He will also pay $ 278.50 in compensation to the complainant or in default spend one month in prison.

The defendant is known by police.

He was not represented by counsel.