French female national, 27-year-old Lause Gaillauime who was arrested at the ferry port in Roseau with cannabis was fined $600.00 to be paid forthwith after she pleaded guilty to the charge of possession of cannabis.

Gaillauime had checked in to depart for Martinique on December 8, 2012 after spending a few days on the island. A routine scan by security at the Ferry Terminal revealed the illegal substance and the police were called.

She admitted to possessing the drugs and was arrested by the police.

In court her lawyer Darius Jones, in mitigation, said she had not wasted the court’s time and was remorseful for her actions.

“She is embarrassed for the shame she has already bought to her mother and father who are in court … she was in the cells over the weekend plus she has lost her travel ticket and so she and her family have this extra charges to undergo,” Jones told the court.

He implored on the court to “temper justice with mercy” in sentencing.

“The amount is very small, she being a traveler thought like in Europe she would have been able to have a small amount of the drugs in her possession,” he stated.

Before sentencing, magistrate Candia Carette George stated, “ignorance of the law is no excuse” and while she she understood Gaillauime’s plight, she ought to have been “more careful” and knows that cannabis in any amount is “illegal in Dominica.”

She was fined $600.00 to be paid forthwith in default one month in jail.