Jolly is now facing a charge of manslaughter

Less than a week after Ron Garth Jolly was formerly charged with the murder of Kent Albert Lewis of Pointe Michel, the prosecution on Monday, May 29, informed the court the charge was being withdrawn for one of manslaughter instead.

The manslaughter charge was read to him but he was not required to enter a plea.

The prosecution did not object to bail which was set at EC$50,000.00 however, Jolly will need to get a property surety to guarantee his release.

If bail is secured and he is out, Jolly must obtain permission to get a passport (he does not have one) and must also seek permission to leave the state. He must also inform the court and the police of any change of address within 72 hours prior to his decision.

Additionally, he must report to the Roseau police station every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, must not interfere with any witnesses in the matter known to him and must be on good behaviour.

The matter is set for hearing on July 3, 2017.

He is represented by Wayne Norde and Kondwani Williams.

Lewis died of a gunshot wound to the neck at a bar in Pointe Michel on Saturday, May 19, 2017.