Gov’t has not taken any sides – AG Levi Peter

Stephen Isidore

Attorney General Levi Peter said he has not decided on government’s position in developments in the court matter involving lawyers Stephen Isidore and Glenworth Emmanuel.

Isidore has asked the court for leave for judicial review after being taken to court by Emmanuel, his former business partner, who is alleging that he Isidore has stolen over EC$6 million from the then Emmanuel, Isidore & Associates law firm.

“At this point in time no decision has been taken by me as to whether or not the government will be supporting one side or the other,” Peter said.

“The other side in this matter, Mr. Emmanuel, through his legal team are applying for the court to grant them permission to be joined as an interested party,” he continued.

Government is taking all action deemed necessary in the ongoing court matter, according to Peter

Glenworth Emanuel

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  1. Deoborah
    January 18, 2011

    The issue of judicial review of a Chief Magistrates right to read or not to read the complaints made by Mr Emanuel to Mr Isidore is a “public issue”.

    January 18, 2011



  3. cast the first stone
    January 18, 2011

    when ever you are invited to a party an the D.j is playin let the music play, cause when the D.j stop the party done,dont drink your soup hot,time is a healer,let them have fun d party en done at some time the D.j have to go.

  4. say sa mem
    January 17, 2011

    Ahlas Levi, i see the “Pimp Supremo” have chosen you to use as a puppet to try and turn tricks for him,,,,,,,,,, ah las Levi peters…….ah las………..mind you “ketch” de virus eh……….you were not on island as you stated to the press and the junior attorney got orders and made representation in court, and you said this first order was not from you… how in tarnation am i to believe that it’s you that’s going to decide which side government is going to take…………….man get some “coco kwat” balls and speak the truth to the public………… other words Levi, speak TRUTH TO POWER…….IT SHALL SET YOU FREE!!!AMEN.

  5. The Watcher
    January 17, 2011

    I would like to know what is meant by “The other side in this matter, Mr. Emmanuel, through his legal team are applying for the court to grant them permission to be joined as an interested party,” he continued.

    Who is the ‘them’ Mr. Emmanuel is asking to become as ‘an interested party’?

  6. Bojangles
    January 17, 2011

    Recent events and utterances, reminds me of o nursery rhyme I learnt at school, some words have been altered to protect “the GUILTY”
    Humpty Dumpty got up on a HIGH WALL, was beating his chest because he felt TALL, suddenly Humpty Dumpty tripped and started to fall, so he sent his HORSES (ASSES) & So CALLED MEN to cushion his FALL. Alas, no matter how hard they try, Humpty Dumpty keeps FALLING & FALLING & FALLING !!!!!!


    • Observee
      January 18, 2011

      Ok Bojangles…I guess you are one of those long distance Patriots. You should be ashamed of yourself talking about this Tunisia saga and Dominica in the same sentence. This guy burnt himself for a cause. You should come burn yourself for this democracy that you say is lost. I will send you a ticket if money is a problem…cuz I am making good money in my beloved country and it’s all because of hard work and a good education system. By the way do you live in the south of the USA with this Bojangles name…don’t eat too much of that crap. Obesity causes a lot of health problems.

  7. hooked on DNO
    January 17, 2011

    FRANCISCO TELEMAQUE! WELL.! I could not have said it better. You hit the nail right smack. Got his license in a cracker jack box [ real Idiots]

  8. Nessa
    January 17, 2011

    Reading the comments and laughing!

    This case has all of a sudden become a matter between two private citizens, because the AG has stated that no decision has be made regarding “sides”

    I’m not sure which is more offensive – the fact that Dominicans are only now acknowledging that this matter is not ISIDORE and Labor vs Emmanuel and UWP; or, that the AG has the gutspa to even contemplate infringing on the rights to fairness of these two individuals.

    The role of the state is not to interfere – unless if i am mistaken, that the outcome of this issue is a matter of public significance in that, the outcome will affect the greater Dominican public!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That’s when the INTERVENORS appear and personally, this case has no bearing on the public interest, in that no public rights have been violated.

    The only interest which i can see the AG having is in the master of disciplining the lawyer, if convicted of breach of trust, and that would be only because of the absence of a governing body!the

  9. Following their master like poodles
    January 17, 2011

    The question i have is if Mr Isidore win this review wouldn’t this open up the floods gates for all lawyers to use this tool to challenge our judicial system for all case brought against clients? and create chaos in a system that is already poorly administered. If the AG sides With Isidore does this say that the magistrate and police comissioner acted out of order and if they did shouldn’t they be reprimand?
    Man all i have is questions…..

  10. wey papa
    January 17, 2011

    is he daft or playing daft???

    January 17, 2011

    Mr. Attorney General Levi Peter, Why should the government of Dominica pick sides in a legal matter between two private citizens in the country? I am not even an attorney and I know that is wrong. For you to say something like that to the media you are really showing that you got your law degree from a candy machine.

    Sir you are a public relations disaster. Please, please do hire a Press Secretary or a Public Relation person before you and other government officials make another statement.

  12. DA man
    January 17, 2011

    doninicans you an’t see nothing yet

  13. Mem Bet Mem Pwel
    January 17, 2011

    The issue of government taking sides really mean whether or not Isidore will be prosecuted. But even so the issue surrounding this case is weird to say the lease. It is obvious that the government has already taken sides in this matter by refusing to allow due process. We are also suspicious of special interest penguins issuing orders to government lawyers on matters relating to the case . It is conventional wisdom that whenever people try to cover up crime is the more these perps are likely to expose the true nature of the crimes which they seek to conseal.

  14. Truth B Told
    January 17, 2011

    I agree, the AG should not be “taking sides” in what is a private civil matter between two former partners in a law firm.

    The disagreement stems from the elder Emanuel’s belief that he should benefit from the labours of his younger and far more vigorous colleague. Mr. Emanuel feels that he performed the role of “mentor” to the much younger Mr. Isidore, and as his “protégé” he should be happy to exist in a state of perpetual “indentured servitude”. It is easy to see that problems would eventually arise with this situation.

    If not for Mr. Isidore’s friendship with the PM this matter would not merit any public interest, but in Dominica it seems everything has to have political overtones. When will this foolishness end?

    • marzhie
      January 18, 2011

      its not only because they are friends…the prime minister land transfer issue is goin to be heard before the court…its facts…..take out the lassi in your eyes…and look at this carefully ……if it was you or me that had warrants for our arrest dont u think themm SSU OFFICERS would come for you ? just asking

  15. domestic tourist
    January 17, 2011

    your incompetent piece of sh… . taking sides? what is really going on in the country?

  16. Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
    January 17, 2011

    “At this point in time no decision has been taken by me as to whether or not the government will be supporting one side or the other,” Peter said.” ( Levi Peter).

    It’s amazing the nonsense that comes out of the mouth of people who are supposed to be educate and should be skilled in a particular, profession, trade, or science.

    The practicing of law, and the interpretation of law is a leant science; it should be none-political in every sense of the word, yet here we find someone, a major player in our judicial system, one who claims to be the Attorney General of a country, in-discriminatingly, and publicly, talking about the government has not decided yet who’s side the government will take in the mater of Emanuel vs Isidore!

    Why should a government of a country takes sides in a legal mater, between two private citizens of the country?

    It is alleged that Isidore has stolen more the six ($6,000,000.00) million dollars from a partnership business. The matter was reported to the police, whom rather than investigating the matter, refused to take any actions, investigating, or implementing an arrest.

    The victim; ( the one who claims he suffered the lost), took the matter directly to the court, where it now appears that the case might remain dormant, all due to the deceptive maneuvers of Isidore; now we hear through this so called AG, Levi Peters, of the governments intentions to take sides in a private legal matter!

    Where is the Justice?

    The moment the government takes a side in the matter, it becomes a political foot ball, thus there will be no proper outcome, justice will not be served!

    The reason why the country is actually upside down is because of the foolish mentality of people such as this man Levi Peter, I cannot believe a practicing lawyer would make such a foolish political statement, in regards to a matter pending in the court.

    So, here we have it. If there was any doubt in my mind that the judicial system in our country is not an independent body operating free from political influence, the sentiments of the so called AG of Dominica has change my opinions, and doubts, to a firm believer that the court system in our country is indeed operating under some form of political influence and directives, from some political source.

    Where do we find these incompetents, and place them in key positions in the country, and in the process the only purpose they serve is none other than cause damage to whatever public office they hold.

    This man does not even qualify as a bush lawyer, since bush lawyers, are more selective with their choice of words, and the statement they make, no wonder many of them, his kind are only able to work in Dominica, they could not find a job any other place on earth to save their life, if their life depended on working out of Dominica.

    Levi, save yourself some embarrassment, do some thinking before you make statement to the media, that will disgrace you. I cannot believe you earn your law degree; I don’t know who graduated you!

    Could it be a given, or bought?

    Someone may have made a mistake when they assess you GPA (grade point average).

    Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque

  17. linky
    January 17, 2011

    that stinks. i am not that educated but this AG songs so foolish.

    • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
      January 17, 2011

      Believe it or not you are very much more educated than you know!

      If you are not educated as you claim, the fact that you can recognized a foolish comment as the one made by Levi, that is an indication you are better educated than this so called lawyer; Attorney General!

      I know there is a family in Wesley with the surname Peter, and in Marigot also, but to my knowledge they are not as silly, and incompetent as this is. I feel ashamed of him, I only hope he is not from Wesley, cause he I shall deny.

      Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque

  18. Reon
    January 17, 2011

    “At this point in time no decision has been taken by me as to whether or not the government will be supporting one side or the other,” Peter said”


    Now i am not anti-government but how in God’s earth can an Attoney General talk about taking sides. This is wrong this is crazy and am sitting here really Mad.

    What on earth is going on in Dominica? Let me see the “socal” intellectuals defend this one!!!

    Let me pray before i loose my kool!!!

  19. Mr Sout City
    January 17, 2011

    This is a case involving to private citizens, so what the hell is the government doing taking sides. Am i missing something here?

  20. Rapunzel
    January 17, 2011

    “Government has not taken any sides yet.” The keyword is “yet.”

    January 17, 2011

    What a jock,none are in greater danger form the influence of corruption than those who,notwithstanding the direct and ample unadulterated truth,deny the existence and agency of the labour goverment.So long as we are ignorant of their wiles ,they have almost inconceivable advantage; many give heed to their suggestions while they suppose themselves to be following the dictates of their own wisdom.this is why,as we approach the truth surrounding this matter,the goverment will workits greatest power to deceive and destroy.there is nothing the great deceiver “THE FRENCH MAN” fears so much as that we shall become acquainted with his devices

  22. Urban maroon
    January 17, 2011

    The government has already taken sides.They are siding with isidore.That’s why they sent the
    Task Force with sub machine guns to cordon off the court house. They also did not enforce the law.They refused to serve the summons to Isidore.It’s clear like daylight to see that they are on the
    side of Isidore

  23. worried dominican
    January 17, 2011

    Keep on fooling the people mr peters your part of the crooked bunch.

  24. Lougawoo Mem
    January 17, 2011

    Attorney Glenworth Emanuel knows too much that can severely implicate the Prime Minister, Steven Isidore and the corrupt gang. Therefore, Levi Peter is under pressure to save his masters at all cost. Let not your hearts be troubled my fellow countrymen, whatever happens in the dark will some day be revealed in broad daylight. Never in the history of our country has there been so much blatant corruption from the top to the lowest department in government. And what is so sick about it, is the level of perpetuation by those who profess to be godly. The last laugh will be for those honest civic minded patriots of the land. The Catholic church in Venezuela has sound-off on Chavismo. When will the Clergy sound-off, and call on Skerrit and his gang to change course?

  25. yout
    January 17, 2011


  26. John Brown
    January 17, 2011

    Mr.AG investigate the account that a UWP agent coincidentally got burned the same day as that Christmas morning fire and is now in hiding. We want an answers, this is to big of a coincidence.

  27. Oh Dominica, My Heart Bleeds for Thee!!!
    January 17, 2011

    Levi Peters is a zeze!! I could not believe what I heard this man saying at a press conference, and Matt bless his soul played it again this morning for us to hear and analyze.. Really people is this the best we have In Dominica? Would Levi conduct himself in this manner in England, I doubt that very much. So my question what about Dominica that causes people to lower their standards to this below ground level? Yet another example of a square peg in the round hole.. This man made it very obvious that he is not competent to hold such an office in so many different ways.. The person who suggested this press conference to him, did him a gross injustice, he was so ill prepared, and ill equipped for such an undertaking. Whatever it was that he was trying to accomplish he failed miserably and made a total idiot of himself in substance or lack thereof and in his despicable behavior. Truly is an embarrassment of the office of the AG, but what else is new? I fear for the next generation of Dominicans, if this is what they have to follow, it can only get worse for the country

  28. Deoborah
    January 17, 2011

    What a “big, big, mess”. Can anyone have confidence in the judiciary, state counsels and the legal fraternity. We need “big, big help” in Dominica the Land of the Lord.

  29. Smelling Peepee
    January 17, 2011

    What a mess. How can the government take the side of the plaintiff when the matters of the case is due to expose the malfeasance of those in government. The under table check # *********** from the power company that is soliciting the thermal energy project-special interest check 1.9 million dollars. The government have a hot dog in their mouth

    What side can the government take when the case involves crooked land deals with government high officials at the helm of those crooked operation. The hot dog in their waste.

    What about those passport dealings which is also in their . The government have a hot dog in their hand. No mayonese.

    Ha Ha Ha Ha- Se ban Soukouyan la. Where is the Hunter to sing about they sucking the country dry. If hunter afraid to sing we will sing it again

    They sucking the country they sucking thee country dry. Se ban Soukouyan la woyoyoyoy

  30. Anonymous
    January 17, 2011

    When defending LIES and INJUSTICE is more important than your Integrity you make yourself a fool -Socrates. Being a resident of Portsmouth makes this even more painful for me as we had high hopes for positive change. Where is Jesus in you Levi Peter?

  31. Nac Vibes
    January 17, 2011

    I know nothing about how legal matters work at that level, but I’m struggling to understand why a government would be involved in a legal matter between citizens. why would or why should they take sides, how does this case impact on the running of the country from the governments point of view.
    Please, if there are any legal minds reading this board, enlighten me.

  32. Gee
    January 17, 2011

    ………………………………..TAKING SIDES?????……….

    Attn: AG……………….

    AND why should the government be thinking of taking sides??????? I thought this was a private/non-govermental issue between the two parties; Mr. Emanuel and Mr.Isidore!!

    I know about the “political connections” of this case but WHY should the government be invovle as far as taking sides????? Can someone please tell me?

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