Laurent after he was arrested at the Roseau Market on Friday

A 49-year-old man from Grand Bay who was arrested at the Roseau Market on Friday (May 4 2012) has been slapped with a fine of $30,000.00

Acting on a “tip off” the police, armed with a warrant, went in search of Antoine Laurent.

His house was searched and an additional search of his  farm yielded 113 plants of Marijuana which were uprooted by the police.

Laurent was fined $20,000. for cultivation.

He also pleaded guilty to possession with intent to supply 3215 grams of the drug, a conviction which attracted a further $10,000 fine.

He has until September 30 to pay the $20,000. fine or face 9 months in jail.

Laurent was given until December 31 to pay the additional $10,000 – failure to do that on time could land him in prison for six months.