Forty year-old Curtis “LIAT” Angol of Grand Bay received a six month jail sentence on Monday (July 9, 2012) from Chief Magistrate Evalina Baptiste, after he opted for a summary trial on a charge of “receiving stolen goods.”

Angol received jewelry items totalling EC$1,161.00 which was stolen from the home of Rennila Caprice in Wall House.

She had left her home secured and on her return on June 7th, 2012 saw a man living there.

It was later found out that most of her jewelry items she had left at her home were missing.

A report was made to the police and acting on a tip off, the officers  executed a search warrant at the home of Angol in Grand Bay, where some items were recovered.

He also implicated a number of persons in the crime and they were also picked up by the police.

Among them, Mario Prevost aged 29 years of Mahaut, described as the mastermind behind the theft.

Prevost told the police that he had entered the house and stolen the items and then sold them to “LIAT”.

The value of the stolen jewelry amounted to EC$8,856.00.

Prevost was jailed for 18 months.

He was also last week Friday July 6, 2012 convicted on a drug offence.

He told the court that he had gone to the home to sell fish to the owner and never intended to steal from her.

Another man, Ian Adams Winston – a 40 year-old from Grand Bay who also pleaded guilty to handling stolen goods (Jewelry) totalling EC$3,523.50, was jailed for one year.

He told the police that Mario had sold the gold to him and he went to Julian’s in Roseau where he sold it for EC$600.00.

Chief Magistrate Baptiste in passing sentence on the accused stated that there was a very high prevalence of theft now in the country.

“It’s like an epidemic it’s much too high, people must be able to leave  their houses without others going and break into it and stealing their valuables,” she said.