A Magistrate in Portsmouth has freed police officer Gemma Louis of a murder charge in relation to the death Joshua Etienne.

However,  police officers, Delvin Challenger and Martin Seaman, were committed to stand trial for murder in the matter.

The court ruled that the prosecution failed to bring a prima facie case against Louis and therefore dismissed matter against her.

This after Oscar George recanted his testimony he gave in a statement of what he had seen the morning of the incident.

Challenger and Seaman were not that lucky.

Although the prosecution case gainst them was significantly weakened by recanted testimonies from the state witnesses, the court still held the view that there is a prima facie case against them, hence they were committed to trial at the next criminal assizes.

The development is the latest in a matter which has had many surprising twists and turns. 

Five police officers were originally charged with murder in the case.

But the court ruled that the State was unable to produce evidence to establish a prima facie case against constable Orlan Vigille.

Then the State withdrew charges against Sergeant Hayden Morgan and he was released. Before that, the original charge of murder was reduced to manslaughter. 

Ettiene was found dead in a police cell at Portsmouth on July 4, 2014, one day after he was arrested for alleged ammunition possession.

An autopsy on his body revealed serious injuries including several broken bones and a punctured organ, among others.