jail barsNathaniel Wallace of Portsmouth has opted to go to jail instead of paying a $1,200.00 fine imposed by magistrate Bernard Pacquette after he pleaded guilty to the charge of malicious damage.
According to the facts of the case, Wallace, who is in a relationship with Dinna Serrant of Cockrane, went to her home at about 1.30 am on December 24, 2013 but she refused to open her door for him and instead, asked him to “leave”. He refused and proceeded to break a window valued at $632.28 to force his entry into the house. Serrant called the police.
In an interview with the police, Wallace stated, “Officer, is not my fault…my mind go off a bit.” He has previous convictions and when asked to mitigate he said he had no comment.
“She told you she did not want to see you – go. Instead, you broke your way through. I understand you are in love, but you need to show love, not break down the place,” Magistrate Pacquette told him.
He was fined $1,200.00 to be paid in three months or in default, 2 months jail. He was also ordered to pay compensation of $632.24 the cost of the window by January 30, 2014. Otherwise, he would go to jail for one month. 

He then asked the court if he could fix the window instead of being fined and was told “no”.

“Best I go jail instead,” Wallace decided. As a result, he was sentenced to 3 months in jail and given one month to pay the compensation fine or spend an additional month in jail.