Police PRO Kenth Matthew has reported the death of a 39-year-old man from a southern community who died while attempting a daring escape from police.

The police have identified the man as Alvin Liverpool of Grand Coulibri who they said jumped into a precipice in his bid to escape them.

Matthew stated, “On the afternoon of Wednesday October 12, 2011, a police patrol came upon a sizable marijuana field in the Grand Coulibri area, when their sudden appearance surprised a man, 39-year-old Alvin Liverpool of Grand Coulibri, who was in that field then. Liverpool promptly ran away and jumped [down] a 150-200 foot precipice, in an effort to evade the Police. Officers familiar with that area feared the worst, that is to say, they believed that Liverpool, by using that mode of escape, may have caused himself grave injury.”

A search was subsequently mounted for Liverpool by the unit on patrol and other police officers. The mangled body of Liverpool was eventually found and moved to the Princess Margaret Hospital, where he was pronounced dead at around 3 am on Thursday.

Matthew also reported that investigations into the circumstances surrounding Liverpool’s death have begun.