Kathlyn Polydore of Pointe Michel can now breathe a sigh of relief after drug charges against her were withdrawn in court.

But her boyfriend, Pamson Joseph, was fined $3,000 after he pleaded guilty to possession of cannabis and possession with intent to supply cannabis.

Since Joseph pleaded guilty, all charges against Polydore were withdrawn.

Reports are that the police went to the home of the couple with a search warrant. Joseph, who has a long string of drug convictions, was met outside the house and the police informed him of their intention. He was searched and $175 and a quanity of cannabis was found in a waist bag.

“Officer that’s a smoke I have there….I am a smoker,” he told the police.

In searching the house the police found found $260.00 and 23 grams of cannabis.

In mitigation Joseph’s lawyer Joshua Francis told that his client was “remorseful and has been on a path of restoration.”

“He has found himself in an unfortunate situation … he is unemployed and has three kids, his father is dead and he has to fend for his ailing grandmother and also his mother. He has intentions to even marry soon,” Francis told the court.

Joseph he said “had not wasted the courts time, was on his premises and the drugs offence was victimless.” He asked the court to not impose a custodial sentence especially since he client was on the path of being a “role model.”

But Chief Magistrate Evelina Baptiste said she disagreed that the drug was “victimless.”

“He has not been behaving himself … he has not learnt his lesson … he is not thinking of his kids, himself and girlfriend. The money, $435.60, I believe was from proceeds of drugs and is forfeited,” she said.

Joseph she observed had convictions on cocaine, firearm, and offensive weapons among others.

She then charged him $2,000.00 on the charge of possession with intent to supply and EC$1,000.00 for possession of cannabis all to be paid by January 31, 2013. In default he faces one year in jail.