Harold Tyson

A man from a community in the north of the island has been jailed for five years by High court Judge Victoria Charles-Clarke after he was found guilty by a nine-member jury on a charge of buggery.

Harold Tyson had pleaded not guilty to the charge but after a full trial, the jury returned a unanimous verdict of guilty.

The maximum sentence is 10 years in jail.

In mitigating, his lawyer Wayne Norde, told the court that before the incident, his client was a member of the village council in that community and also a scout leader.

He told the court that “no violence was used in the commissioning of the crime,” the Virtual Complainant (VC) was of the age of consent and his client was previously of good character.

Tyson, through his lawyer, asked to address the court and said he was sorry.

“I am deeply sorry that I have to be in here at that stage of myself,” he said from the prisoner’s dock. “I ask you to temper justice with mercy since the conditions of the prison are not the very best. I regret that we had to go through this…I am sorry.”

The prosecution told the court that Tyson should be jailed for his actions especially given that fact that he showed “no remorse for his action, it was premeditated, there was penetration and he waited when the VC was asleep to do his action.”

Justice Charles-Clarke stated that “buggery is abhorred by society and is a serious crime in Dominica.”

A social inquiry report concluded that the VC felt humiliated and angry and sometimes distances himself from people and the incident has adversely affected his state of mind. However, the judge stated that “this is not the worst case of buggery.”

She placed her sentence at six years with a one year discount and gave him five years with time spent on remand.

Tyson was found guilty during the January 2017 Criminal Session.