24-year-old Michael Charles of Virgin lane is learning that it is probably not a good idea to swear and behave in a disorderly manner in public, especially in front of small children.

He now has to pay the court $150 after pleading guilty to a charge of disorderly conduct.

It all began on June 14, 2012 when Charles’ girlfriend and another young lady got involved in an argument on Virgin Lane in Roseau. Court documents show that he walked up to the two bickering damsels and began shouting and swearing repeatedly despite the fact that there were students and teachers from a nearby pre-school milling around the area.

A teacher brought Charles’ behavior to his attention but his foul mouth continued on its verbal rampage.

The police were called but Charles continued spewing profanity unabated in their presence.

But in court on Friday, Charles was a different man and he appeared very penitent. He apologized and promised Magistrate Ossie Lewis that he would never appear in a defendant box again.

His attorney, Ronald Charles told the court that his client was on his way to becoming an exemplary man in society since he had recently gained employment and was trying to make ends meet for his daughter. He reminded the court that Charles complied with police after he was arrested and was remorseful.

Magistrate Lewis told Charles that he would impose a moderate fine on him since he was apologetic and pleaded guilty.

The defendant was also charged with resisting arrest, threats and battery against police. However, these charges were withdrawn by the prosecution.