Man pays for his foul mouth

24-year-old Michael Charles of Virgin lane is learning that it is probably not a good idea to swear and behave in a disorderly manner in public, especially in front of small children.

He now has to pay the court $150 after pleading guilty to a charge of disorderly conduct.

It all began on June 14, 2012 when Charles’ girlfriend and another young lady got involved in an argument on Virgin Lane in Roseau. Court documents show that he walked up to the two bickering damsels and began shouting and swearing repeatedly despite the fact that there were students and teachers from a nearby pre-school milling around the area.

A teacher brought Charles’ behavior to his attention but his foul mouth continued on its verbal rampage.

The police were called but Charles continued spewing profanity unabated in their presence.

But in court on Friday, Charles was a different man and he appeared very penitent. He apologized and promised Magistrate Ossie Lewis that he would never appear in a defendant box again.

His attorney, Ronald Charles told the court that his client was on his way to becoming an exemplary man in society since he had recently gained employment and was trying to make ends meet for his daughter. He reminded the court that Charles complied with police after he was arrested and was remorseful.

Magistrate Lewis told Charles that he would impose a moderate fine on him since he was apologetic and pleaded guilty.

The defendant was also charged with resisting arrest, threats and battery against police. However, these charges were withdrawn by the prosecution.

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  1. da abroad
    August 22, 2012

    i no both of dem, and i doe no why they tie up like that…really thought u guys would change, but everytime like that it have a story on u 2…wake up man…be a man michael and not a boy…

  2. Justice and Truth
    August 19, 2012

    Well, in time, some people do pay for their bad temper and foul mouth especially when exercised in public. He needs the blessing and grace of God. He also needs some Holy Water to wash and cleanse his foul mouth and language. :) This would also help to purify his heart and grant him peace of mind to be a good, law-abiding national. He should to be counseled about anger management.
    Will he change? Even though he was apologetic, should the Prosecution have dropped the charges of resisting arrest, threats and battery against the Police? After all these are serious offences against the Police. He is fortunate. Only in DA you say, that this could happen? :lol:
    If he re-offends, he should be sent to prison for a few years. This should, hopefully help to rehabilitate him once and for all.

  3. wa papa
    August 19, 2012

    my bro try n change , since woman does bring down d man dey love they encourage dem…dat girl needs to be more mature , stop putting ur man in trouble

  4. time
    August 18, 2012

    i think is time u be a man that i know u can be and stop make woman, make u make bad decisions…stop playing bonnie and clyde and u look like hungry and ride…. :lol: :lol: :lol: looking pple trouble does not pay, set an example for ur daughter, and go and work hard…

    • 3-some bandits
      August 18, 2012

      Ah AH Ah,You sounding like you jealous of dem ppl YEh.


      • time
        August 22, 2012

        :lol: jealous :lol: :lol: honey this is one relationship, i would neva eva be jealous of , no your place, is stupid pple like u who encourage ,stupid pple like them…encourage them do something beta for themselves and their 3year daughther…

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  5. thats true
    August 18, 2012

    u no wat i remembered that…after this incident her parents brought her to the church for the bishop to pray for her , and she got worst, did not see the point of that

    • STUPPS
      August 18, 2012

      Uno info papa!!

      • lol
        August 22, 2012

        i think they can both write a book wit the nonse they do with themselves

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  6. yes i
    August 18, 2012


  7. laughin
    August 18, 2012

    am sorry but the reason for the fight is because the other young lady said that their light is cut…who fight over stuff like that!!!! EMPTY BARRELS MAKE THE MOST NOISE HAVE TO BE U ..

    • STUPPS
      August 18, 2012

      another empty barrel on dno making noise.

      A BIGGER 1 TOO

  8. hmmm
    August 18, 2012

    where they get that story , that boy came wit a cutlass demonstrating for his girlfrend to cut the other girl’s neck…and guess for wat because the other girl tell some else domlec cut there light…dats is something to fight for…

  9. u and i
    August 18, 2012

    trus me ossie u will see him again…he is nothing but a trouble maker, am from roseau and the girl is from goodwill and he from canefield..

  10. lee
    August 18, 2012

    Using foul language in the presence of kid is not
    nice at all. He paid for his bad behavor. You have
    to give respect to own respect.

    • irie vibes
      August 18, 2012

      he has no rspect at all, that was just a show

  11. August 17, 2012

    They should impose such charges at the Airport too. them passengers does swear alot there, take them off the flight and charge them , then you’ll have a peacefull airport.

  12. "O" STRESS!
    August 17, 2012

    LAW AND ORDER MUST BE MAINTAINED” Clear case of an individual for reasons beyond my comprehension who thinks that he can do what he wants,where he wants to whom he wants no regard and respect for himself much less the Police Officer. Another empty hot head and low life who I know from living on the block for a long time. Good job officer show people like him and others that when you disrespect and disregard the Law of the land. You will face the full weight of the Law and we will throw the book at you and allow the court to send you stocky to cool your head and wash your tongue with Clorox. When their head is full of that stuff they should go and bathe in the Bath Estate river.

    • lol
      August 18, 2012

      :lol: :lol: :-D i agree wit u 100% , that boy was on the block canefeild fighting against mahaut boys , then come and live in town nobody deals him where he is , havock in those pple area…worst couple ever

  13. Freethinker
    August 17, 2012

    *waits for lunatic to say god needs to come down to cleanse Dominica of its evil and thank the lord almighty, save us creator from satan, oh woyyyyyyyyy papa bonjay*

  14. Anonymous
    August 17, 2012

    DNO even that make the news too

  15. hmhmh
    August 17, 2012

    “Court documents show that he walked up to the two bickering damsels and began shouting and swearing repeatedly despite the fact that there were students and teachers from a nearby pre-school milling around the area.”

    Really?? who really writes these stories for DNO, such a lack for the choice of words.

  16. hmmmm
    August 17, 2012

    @me too.. you so RIGHT!

  17. loveable
    August 17, 2012

    lord have mercy on d a

  18. me too
    August 17, 2012

    all the nonsense cases go to court first. the serious ones get held back for months, months, years and then dismissed.

    • ideal
      August 17, 2012

      you are so right, the poor people get jailed or fined and all the big shots, murderers and drug dealers go free, where is the justice in DA gone
      we need serious help in our justice system

      • nonsense
        August 18, 2012

        nonsense is poor pple like mr that those put themselves in trouble, the money he have to pay in court would to good to buy food, because they are alway hungry, and asking pple for him

        Like or Dislike: Thumb up 1 Thumb down 1
    • Nelson Dockyard
      August 17, 2012

      Lady, you are so right.

    • August 18, 2012

      @me too

      The simpler the conflict the easier it is to be dealt with. Why hold a person in captive about a verbal conflict with two young ladies for years and years.

      But the big giant conflicts demand more time to unravel the massive web of its case, so that judgment might be served fair and square.

      How can we simply arrest a man, charged for murder, and to deliberate that case with a fair conviction in just a few days–who would be able to say that the man was guilty or not guilty in such a short time?

      Try to consider this very deeply for a while–so you will come to understand.

    • Jahyout
      August 18, 2012

      Oh yes thats DA for you..

    • I know ppl
      August 18, 2012

      This is so because the serious ones involve people who know people that know people. The minor ones only involve the poor little man who knows no body.

    • warma
      August 18, 2012

      If you had a basic working knowledge of the judicial process, you probably would hesitate to make that ridiculous comment. You see, all cases are put on a calendar, and are called in sequence. The “serious” ones tend to have delays because there may be issues of ongoing investigations, ensuring witnesses are ready, maybe the police may be seeking additional individuals…you catch my drift (I hope). You see, in these cases, the prosecution has to ensure that it’s I’s are dotted and it’s T’s are crossed. However, simple cases like this one get dispensed very quickly, because there isn’t the need for all the customary discovery major cases require, plus the individuals charged tend to plead – so why delay?

      Also for your information, this is not indigenous to Dominica – that phenomenon exists the world over, so try not putting down our system, as you appear to do in that thinly veiled attack.

    • stupse
      August 18, 2012

      well said….

    • nonsene
      August 18, 2012

      nonse u talking, i was passing with my chile and if he had cut the young lady or the police it wud be sumting else , so kno ur facts b4 u talk…is fings like that that does make dem humble

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