Forty-six-year-old Derrick Bruney of River Street was unsuccessful in his attempts on Monday morning to convince Chief Magistrate Evelina Baptiste that he should be granted bail.

Bruney is charged with the burglary of $17,500 worth of electronics and accessories from the Great Northern Insurance Company building in Roseau on January 27, 2010.

The prosecution had objected to his bail on the grounds that he would interfere with ongoing investigations into the matter and that he had committed the offense while on bail; however, Bruney countered this objection by telling the magistrate that the police had no evidence against him.

“I do not know anything of this matter… No items were found in my possession… The only evidence they have is they heard a voice that sound like mine. The person who said that is a burglar and a well known felon… I was charged biasly, which there is nothing I can do about it. Biasly and falsely,” the accused man asserted.

When advised that he should reserve his defense for the trial, Bruney said, “My defense will always be alright. I did not commit the offence while I was on bail…”

He added, “I am asking that my bail be opened. And I am asking for early disclosure that the case be heard speedily.”

Bruney told the court that he had never been convicted of burglary before, but admitted that this was not his first burglary matter before the court. In fact, he admitted that he may have been brought before the court ‘four to five times’ on burglary matters, but insisted that he had been wrongfully accused.

Bruney stated that he would not be using the services of a lawyer. “I will represent my person, in person,” he said.

Among the items stolen were an Acer laptop worth $5,000, a Sony DSRPD 150 video camera worth $10,000 and a Canon digital camera costing $2,000.

Bail was closed and Bruney was remanded until February 8, 2010. His trial is due on July 7, 2010 and disclosure due on May 7, 2010.

Burglary is an indictable matter to be heard before a judge and jury at the High Court of Justice.