Esprit says she wants justice for her brother

Esprit says she wants justice for her brother

The family of the late Joshua Etienne, of Picard who died in police custody, say they will not bury his body until they are satisfied that those responsible for his death have been properly brought to justice.

They say they will hold a candle light vigil for Etienne on Friday evening as they seek justice for their loved one.

“We are asking all peaceful and loving Dominican citizen to join us in a candle light vigil outside Police Headquarters from 7.30 pm,” Etienne’s sister, Agnes Esprit said outside Police Headquarters on Friday. “We want justice for our brother…and we will not bury him until we have found a response for those responsible. God is hearing, I am praying.”

She laments that since August 5, her brother’s lifeless body was taken from a police cell in Portsmouth “and up to now those allegedly responsible are yet to be brought to justice.”

Family lawyer, Tiyani Behanzin, cautioned persons who plan to attend the vigil to be “peaceful”.

Etienne’s body was found in his cell at the Portsmouth Police Station, where he was being held, at around 5:00 am on August 5.

He was pronounced dead by a district medical officer.

He was arrested on August 4, at around 9:30 pm in Glanvillia for the alleged possession of ammunition.

A Roseau magistrate decided not to allow the charge of murder to be read to five police officers arrested and facing charges in the matter, pending a Judicial Review.

According to the magistrate he will await a decision from the High Court but this was viewed by the Director of Public Prosecution ( DPP ) Evelina Baptiste as “wrong in law. “