The Prime Minister made it clear violence will not be condoned. File photo

Prime Minister, Roosevelt Skerrit has vowed that his government will not tolerate crime as the country faces a series of violent gun offenses.

In the month of August alone, four shootings have left three men dead and one nursing gunshot wounds in hospital.

Speaking at a function in Mahaut on Thursday, the Prime Minister made it clear his government will not condone what he described as “this lawlessness” in the society.

“I give you the assurance that this government will not allow and tolerate any such activities going on in Dominica, we will be firm and resolute in ensuring that we wipe out this lawlessness that is permeating our society,” the Prime Minister stated.

However, he pointed out it will require the role of every Dominican since “crime and violence are societal issues and therefore it requires the whole society playing its part in bringing a sense of peace and tranquility in our country.”

He also had a strong message for those who are involved in illegal drug activities.

“We must send a clear message to people who are involved in drugs,” he said. “You must cease and desist from engaging yourself in these illegal activities. Where there are drugs, there will be guns and where there are guns, there will be violence and killings.”

Skerrit said the police have been given the mandate to ensure that a sense of peace of mind is brought to every citizen of Dominica.

“The government is committed to this and we have provided all the resources, all the resources they require,” he stated. “They have it and as Minister of Finance, I am committed, once the chief says to me he needs this, I shall provide it to him to ensure that he has all of the resources required to carry out his mandate and that of the police in Dominica.”