Corbette (left), Roberts

The Office of the Chief of Police has launched an investigation into what transpired at the Roseau Magistrate’s Court on October 2 in a matter involving suspended police inspector Lincoln Corbette.

Reports indicate the chief of police is ‘unhappy and displeased’ with what is going on with the case and what Corbette and his attorney are attempting to do.

Corbette is facing a charge of wounding in which he allegedly shot Nicholas Roberts in the vicinity of a primary school in Roseau on July 13, 2011.

Roberts was also slapped with six charges but on September 18, 2012 Corbette appeared in court saying that he was no longer interested in pursuing the case.

The matter then took another turn on October 2, when Roberts appeared in court and said under oath that he too was no longer interested in matter.

It is reported that Roberts, who is incarcerated at the State Prison, was brought to court without the knowledge of the DPP.

Roberts told the court that he was no longer interested because Corbette did not actually shoot him. “They say he (Corbette) shot me …I was wrestling with him for the gun and my hand pressed the trigger and shot myself. I am not and will not testify against him … I am at fault,” Roberts told the court.

He denied that he was not threatened, beaten, or offered money to make that statement.

But the office of the DPP has vowed to continue the case against Corbette, with or without Roberts.

“The DPP has conduct of the matter … it’s the State who brought Mr. Corbette here and we are confident that even if he refuses to testify we will have a case for him to answer …justice must be served and this matter is of grave public interest. We can stand without his evidence and we oppose all application made to have the matter stopped,” Clement Joseph from the office of the DPP said.

However Corbette’s lawyer, Steven Isidore, called the decision of the office of the DPP, “well calculated, not genuine, inconceivable and coloured.”  He told Magistrate Candia Carette George that she was the presiding magistrate and had the “power to deal with the matter especially since the VC (Roberts) had satisfied the court with the necessary requirements.”

George then stated that while the decision of the DPP (state) was “novel to her” she did not know what the prosecution’s case was since both parties had received “disclosure” on the matter.

But not amused, Isidore, in his quest to have the matter thrown out, called the decision “an exercise in futility” which further clogs the court system. “It’s not the charge that’s important, it’s Mr. Lincoln Corbette … it’s a personal vendetta and I say so without reservation it’s deliberate,” Isidore argued.

But Joseph stoutly refuted Isidore’s claims stating, “There is no personal vendetta against Mr. Corbette … it’s a matter of justice being done and to establish a primia facie case.”

The magistrate said she will make a ruling on the case on November 11, 2012 .