Cocaine seized by police in a drug bust last year

Cocaine seized by police in a drug bust last year

Police Chief, Daniel Carbon, is alerting those involved in the drug trade that they are not safe from the long arms of the law.

He said the police force in Dominica will pursue drug dealers wherever they are.

“We will pursue them on the high seas, we will purse them on the seashore, we will pursue them in their houses and in their vehicles,” Carbon stated.

He described the illegal drug trade as “a great evil” which encompasses almost every single crime committed in society. “It breeds homicides, illegal gun trafficking, human smuggling, human trafficking,  burglaries, theft, robberies,” he noted. “The drug trade is usually responsible for perpetuating those crimes.”

He had praises for the members of the force, especially the Drug Squad, who he said are active in combating the trade.

“Some of our out district police stations have been putting 110 percent in fighting this illegal drug trade,” Carbon said.

In recent weeks the police on the island have carried out operations which resulted in two major drug busts.

On July 12, 1,400 pounds of marijuana were seized in Stowe and on July 14, 30 kilos of cocaine were seized in Dos Dane.